Aftermath of the Hurricane

Witness these Untold stories by The Rescuers.

Through documentary format, we aspire to provide an opportunity for those having untold stories, to share their rich background. We seek enabling humans the occasion to disclose their powerful experiences,

where lives are acknowledged and celebrated.

As Hurricane Katrina befell New Orleans, these New Orleanians entered the city to observe what damages had occurred and sought to rescue stranded persons. When hearing calls over his shortwave radio for those able to help with recovery,

New Orleanian took his personal boat, as far east as possible and entered Hurricane Katrina flood waters, with his neighbor and son to rescue citizens in need.

The Truth

When American citizens required dire assistance, where was governmental attention and intervention?


The Destruction

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Homes, businesses,

lifestyles and cultures

were obliterated. Who is accountable?.


May we elevate awareness regarding the actual struggles that Americans, situated in the Southern part of the United States experience. How may we be ardently concerned and helpful?

"Who We Are Hurricane Katrina"


The Untold Truth About Hurricane Katrina