"Who We Are Hurricane Katrina" Documentary


Founded: 2015

Owner: Ermelle Martinez

Executive Producer


"Who We Are Hurricane Katrina"


Ermelle Martinez

"Southampton International Film Festival" 2015

(Who We Are): Hurricane Katrina was recently nominated for: "Best Editing" and "Best Filmography" in a "Feature Documentary" by the "Southampton International Film Festival" 2015.

Awards & Recognition

Ermelle Martinez produced her first documentary, on Aging, while in college at LMU.  She is the "Producer", "Co-writer" and "Executive Producer" of  "Who We Are Hurricane Katrina".

Born in New Orleans, she was educated in Southern California,  Vermont, Georgia and Louisiana.
Disclaimer : "The purpose of this documentary focuses on the preservation of human life. Any opinions or statements expressed are  exclusive to the individual and not necessarily that of the producer and/or filmmakers of this documentary."