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In view of

Prevalent racist mindsets, pervasive inequalities within Person of Color's educational experiences, medical care, employment opportunities, entrepreneurial interests, plus, we are determined to lessen the impacts of these experienced racist actions, which impact Person of Color's lives and well being.  

Our board members are refined, knowledgeable and sensitive to each objective. Their collective expertise provides resources and directions,  enabling our goals to be fulfilled, correcting existing inaccuracies. 

1.  Document Persons of Color's untold stories, while ensuring that Civil Rights information is regarded. Promote venues for the community to speak with one voice regarding issues impacting them politically, socially, health- wise, educationally and economically. Establish national requirement for officers to purchase LIABILITY INSURANCE,  hindering abusive and MURDERING actions by officers.  

2. Establish Mental health resources, inclusive of mentors 

for children who lack older, nurturing elders, from birth.

3. Stimulate  young  minorities to  respond to mathematical, scientific, medical, and engineering fields.  In the absence of classes, support groups will enable the learning of K-12 Sciences. 

4. Assure that Blacks are provided first-class health and wellness supports and options. 

5. Provide wealth building Opportunities to families.

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