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Through documentary format, we aspire to provide an opportunity for those having untold stories, to share their rich background. We seek enabling humans the occasion to disclose their powerful experiences,

where lives are acknowledged and celebrated.

As Hurricane Katrina befell New Orleans, these New Orleanians entered the city to observe what damages had occurred and sought to rescue stranded persons. When hearing calls over his shortwave radio for those able to help with recovery, one

New Orleanian took his personal boat, as far east as possible and entered Hurricane Katrina flood waters, with his neighbor and son to rescue citizens in need.


Impact on New Orleans:        


80% of New Orleans flooded after the levees were destroyed and or breached, August 29th, 2005. The population of New Orleans plummeted from 484,684 in April of 2000, to 230,172 in July of 2006, specifying a decrease in excess of 50%. By 2015, the estimated population escalated to approximately 390,000 inhabitants, as referenced in the US Census Bureau. 70% of New Orleans occupied residences, nearly 134,000 were devastated during Hurricane Katrina.

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Kwanzaa Film Festival
Self Determination
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THe Producer

Ermelle Martinez produced her first documentary, on Aging, while in college at LMU.  She is the "Producer", "Co-writer" and "Executive Producer" of  "Who We Are Hurricane Katrina".


Born in New Orleans, she was educated in Southern California,  Vermont, Georgia and Louisiana.

Disclaimer : "The purpose of this documentary focuses on the preservation of human life. Any opinions or statements expressed are  exclusive to the individual and not necessarily that of the producer and/or filmmakers of this documentary."

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